App accelerators

The competition in the mobile app industry gets bigger and bigger so we have to deliver better and better apps to keep the users hooked. Extra niceness goes a long way in user retention and introducing app accelerators is a great example because it’s not just about looks it’s also...

Vapor code generation with Sourcery

Swift is a relatively new language in the server realm that brings a lot of nice changes, such as type safety and compilation. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Swift’s poor metaprogramming can introduce a huge amount of boilerplate into Swift projects, including Vapor projects.


Gestures are the magic behind those accelerators that can make your app more user friendly. We will now show a few examples on how to implement them in your code.

Custom Gesture Recognizers

If you want to implement a gesture that is not already provided by Apple you can customise your own. However, they recommend using the standard gestures because users are already familiar with them, so take some time to consider if a custom gesture is the right way to go. Custom...

How we debug with Charles

For those who don’t know Charles, Charles is an HTTP proxy and monitor that enables testers and developers to view all HTTP and HTTPS traffic between the device and the internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers. Charles is an incredibly powerful tool in debugging mobile and web...

Adding Peek and Pop to your View Controllers

With iOS 9, new iPhone models add a third dimension to the user interface, called force touch, or more commonly 3D Touch.

Challenges when making Today Widgets

Apple introduced the Today extension in iOS 9, more commonly called widgets.

Searchable Items

Motivation App search has been here since iOS9. This feature seems to go largely unused. Maybe this is because both developers and people selling features have forgotten it exists. This is a quick guide for less technical people, and a semi quick guide for developers.

Preparing for iPhone X

iPhone X was announced on September 12, 2017, and with that came a lot of questions about how apps will look and behave with this new phone. We as iOS developers are now accustomed to supporting a variety of screen sizes, but there are still some new challenges to face....