Challenges when making Today Widgets

Apple introduced the Today extension in iOS 9, more commonly called widgets.

Searchable Items

Motivation App search has been here since iOS9. This feature seems to go largely unused. Maybe this is because both developers and people selling features have forgotten it exists. This is a quick guide for less technical people, and a semi quick guide for developers.

Preparing for iPhone X

iPhone X was announced on September 12, 2017, and with that came a lot of questions about how apps will look and behave with this new phone. We as iOS developers are now accustomed to supporting a variety of screen sizes, but there are still some new challenges to face....

Droidcon Berlin and GDD Krakow

Being one of the biggest Android conferences in Europe, this was my first time in Berlin. The conference was taking part in partnership with IFA Berlin. As a perk Droidcon tickets also allowed access to it. The downside was the big amount of people commuting to the venue and particularly...

Getting stack traces in Swift on Linux

Bugsnag is a convenient service for reporting and catching bugs and crashes that Nodes has been using for a long time. When we moved our backend stack over to Swift, we noticed that there was not a Linux-friendly package. So, we built our own! Doing so led us down quite...

What this WWDC means for us

WWDC 2017 happened at the beginning of June in San Jose, California, and Apple presented lots of exciting changes. We already covered in this article the most important iOS additions from a user’s perspective, but what exactly did WWDC 2017 bring for an iOS developer? Continuing the trend from the...

Nodes Wars - My experience as a Vapor intern at Nodes in Copenhagen

Hello! My name is Valen, I am studying in Spain and the last subject of my training consist in an internship in a company. They gave me the chance to do this abroad and it seemed like a good opportunity. So, here I am, in Nodes, a digital agency in...

Our experience at iOSCon 2017

iOSCon is an annual conference in London, focusing mainly on Swift development for iOS, but with talks also spreading this year to as diverse subjects as Accessibility and making the most of the time you have with no regrets. The conference was hosted at Skills Matter, a very well suited...

Haptic Feedback makes you vibrate!

The iPhone could vibrate ever since it was launched. And so did almost all the other phones, even from before smartphones were a thing. But Apple took this function further than anyone else, by introducing the Taptic Engine in the Apple Watch, and afterwards in many other products, like the...