Automate Debugging and Testing Workflows using ADB

While developing and testing we usually come across repetitive tasks involving manual efforts. Navigating to a certain part of the app, filling out sign up forms or simply taking screenshots are all time-consuming tasks. In this blog post we look at how we can utilize ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to...

Is Flutter ready for production?

After hearing about Flutter from different sources and developers with all kinds of background we decided to try to rebuild an existing Android app in Flutter and see the the state of the Mobile framework.

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Android WorkManager

WorkManager is a new API in Android Architecture Components introduced in the Google I/O 2018. It simplifies and makes it much easier to do work on background threads. The WorkManager schedules tasks as instances of the Worker class and can schedule these workers based on certain conditions which you can...

Droidcon Berlin and GDD Krakow

Being one of the biggest Android conferences in Europe, this was my first time in Berlin. The conference was taking part in partnership with IFA Berlin. As a perk Droidcon tickets also allowed access to it. The downside was the big amount of people commuting to the venue and particularly...

Droidcon London 2016

Last year we attended DroidCon London and it was my first Android conference ever. Before that I attended CocoaConf in Las Vegas, as I mostly did iOS back then. DroidCon London 2015 was exciting because at that point I had been doing Android exclusively for a long time - and...

Android Bottom Navigation

This blog post will give a quick introduction on the new Android Bottom Navigation component, how to setup your project to use it and a few tips on how to utilise it to get the best results.