Alexander Bondarenco

Android Developer

Passionate about 💻 Tech, 🎮️ Games and 🍵 Coffee

Andrei Hogea

iOS Developer

iOS developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Always curious

Brett R. Toomey

Vapor & iOS Developer

Using Swift to take over the world.

Chris Combs

Lead iOS Developer

iOS Developer, Swift enthusiast

Christian Weinberger

Technical Director

Tech Enthusiast. Nerddad x 2.

Dennis Haulund Nielsen

Front-end Developer

I love Javascripts

Dominik Hádl

Lead iOS Developer

iOS games and apps developer, music enthusiast, game designer and stuff. I love mechanical keyboards. /ˈɡɪf/

Dominik Ringler

iOS Developer

iOS games and apps developer. I love Swift very much. /ˈɡɪf/

Jakob Mygind

iOS Developer

iOS, drums and weights.

Joao Alves

Android Developer

Android developer that loves both technology and sports

Jose Nieto

Android Developer

Jonas Schwartz

I love Servers

Johnny Sørensen

Mobile Lead

Android, Windows and some iOS

Marius Constantinescu

iOS Developer

iOS engineer at @Nodesdk. @iOSGoodies core contributor. 2013 GSoC'er. @DTU_compute alumnus

Markus Rubey

Android Developer

Android, Linux and weird music

Nikolay Mitikov

Performance engineer

Chief memes architect

Muddi Walid

Android Developer

Oliver Wang Hansen

Technical Director

I love technology and people, and create tools that join both of them on a daily basis.

Peter Bødskov

Lead Developer

Composer of bugs and infinite loops on iOS and macOS. let preferredWeaponOfChoice = Swift

Rasmus Ebbesen

Senior Backend Developer

Seasoned backend developer from Copenhagen.

Roxana Jula

Associate Senior Developer

Passionate about 💻 Tech, ✈️ Travel and 🍵 Tea

Sebastian Ly Serena

QA Specialist

Professional bug hunter

Siemen Sikkema

Senior Vapor & iOS Developer

Swift, Vapor and acroyoga make my heart beat faster.

Steffen D. Sommer

Technical Director & Solution Architect

Excited about Swift and FRP. Fan of boards 🏂🏄

Valentín Corral García

Vapor Intern

programming, new technologies and gaming!

Vladimir Ostaci

Android Developer

👨‍🚀 Experimenting with Flutter and Spring + Kotlin