Alexander Bondarenco

Android Developer

Passionate about 💻 Tech, 🎮️ Games and 🍵 Coffee

Andrei Hogea

iOS Developer

iOS developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Always curious

Brett R. Toomey

Vapor & iOS Developer

Using Swift to take over the world.

Chris Combs

Lead iOS Developer

iOS Developer, Swift enthusiast

Christian Weinberger

Technical Director

Tech Enthusiast. Nerddad x 2.

Dennis Haulund Nielsen

Front-end Developer

I love Javascripts

Dominik Hádl

Lead iOS Developer

iOS games and apps developer, music enthusiast, game designer and stuff. I love mechanical keyboards. /ˈɡɪf/

Dominik Ringler

iOS Developer

iOS games and apps developer. I love Swift very much. /ˈɡɪf/

Heidi Puk Hermann

Vapor Developer

👩🏼‍💻 Physicist turned teacher turned developer... Passionate about learning and teaching

Jakob Mygind

iOS Developer

iOS, drums and weights.

Joao Alves

Android Developer

Android developer that loves both technology and sports

Jose Nieto

Android Developer

Jonas Schwartz

I love Servers

Johnny Sørensen

Mobile Lead

Android, Windows and some iOS

Marius Constantinescu

iOS Developer

iOS engineer at @Nodesdk. @iOSGoodies core contributor. 2013 GSoC'er. @DTU_compute alumnus

Markus Rubey

Android Developer

Android, Linux and weird music

Nikolay Mitikov

Performance engineer

Chief memes architect

Muddi Walid

Android Developer

Nicolai Harbo

Mobile App Developer

Passionate about 💻 Tech, 🕹 Gaming and 🥘 Food

Oliver Wang Hansen

Technical Director

I love technology and people, and create tools that join both of them on a daily basis.

Peter Bødskov

Lead Developer

Composer of bugs and infinite loops on iOS and macOS. let preferredWeaponOfChoice = Swift

Rasmus Ebbesen

Senior Backend Developer

Seasoned backend developer from Copenhagen.

Roxana Jula

Associate Senior Mobile Developer

👩🏼‍💻 Augmented Reality and Future Tech Enthusiast

Sebastian Ly Serena

QA Specialist

Professional bug hunter

Siemen Sikkema

Senior Vapor & iOS Developer

Swift, Vapor and acroyoga make my heart beat faster.

Steffen D. Sommer

Technical Director & Solution Architect

Excited about Swift and FRP. Fan of boards 🏂🏄

Valentín Corral García

Vapor Intern

programming, new technologies and gaming!

Vladimir Ostaci

Android Developer

👨‍🚀 Experimenting with Flutter and Spring + Kotlin